Miami Presents: History of the Miami Tribe

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Miami University and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma first connected in 1972 when Chief Forest Olds, having heard about a university in Ohio that shared a name with his Tribal nation, showed up on campus unexpectedly during a visit to Cincinnati. What came of that surprise encounter is a now 50-year-long partnership between the two Miamis - one they plan to commemorate throughout 2022 including with this series of webinars.  Join us to learn more about the Miami Tribe, the relationship between the Miami Tribe and Miami University, as well as the relationship outcomes, including the work of the Myaamia Center and the Myaamia Heritage Program.

The sovereign Miami Tribe of Oklahoma is centered in what is today northeast Oklahoma but maintains many ongoing connections to their historic homelands that include what is today western Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, southern Michigan, and southern Wisconsin. This presentation will follow the path of the Miami Tribe from the era before contact with Europeans, through the maelstrom of colonization, and conclude by providing an overview of how this history affects the educational needs of Miami Tribe citizens today.

George Ironstrack is a citizen of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and the Assistant Director of the Myaamia Center at Miami University. He has participated in Myaamia language renewal projects as both a student and a teacher since the mid-1990s. Examples of his writing and editing can be found on the Myaamia Community Blog:

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