Miami Presents: How to Create your Second Act with Carl Landau

Presented on: Wednesday, September 21st at 12:00 PM EDT


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What are you going to do for your second act?

Many people don't want to retire. They want to do something new, something more fun, something more meaningful. After conducting 60 interviews with people that have had big-time careers, Carl will share with you some of the common threads that have led them to successful, interesting, often surprising second acts.

Carl Landau '79, started his second act after a successful career in magazine publishing and media / live events and is now the producer and host of the popular I Used to be Somebody podcast.

When Carl isn't producing and hosting the podcast, he's learned to become a stand-up comic, performing on stage this year. He also co-authored Pickleball for dummies, which will debut next month.

Carl Landau is co-author of the new book, Pickleball for dummies. He has been an entrepreneur since the age of 26 and now in (un)Retirement is founder of Pickleball Media. He has started and sold three successful media companies, published five magazines (software development, winemaking and craft brewing industries). He currently hosts the popular podcast I Used to be Somebody, inspiring 50-plus-year-olds how to build their (un)retirement good life, including, of course, a little bit about the virtues of the game he loves — pickleball.

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