Miami Presents: Celebrating Black History Month - Lived Experiences Through Storytelling Project

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Join the Miami University Alumni Association for a presentation in celebration of Black History Month. This panel discussion will focus on the Lived Experiences Through Storytelling project, a project funded through the university’s Boldly Creative Fund.  It is a broad storytelling project that chronicles the history of racial dynamics at Miami University. We will hear from leading faculty and staff on the project:

  • Yvette Harris, Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Jacqueline Johnson, University Archivist
  • Andy Rice, Assistant Professor, Department of Media, Journalism, and Film
  • Seth Seward ‘11, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
  • Alia Levar Wegner,  Digital Collections Librarian, Assistant Librarian

This project leverages storytelling, interview, and archival methodology to explore the history of different populations at Miami University to better understand our legacy in relation to diversity, equity, and inclusion and to develop a digital website that serves as a public repository of Miami’s rich and diverse history.

The project is designed to engage our students, faculty, staff, and alumni in searching for reflection on the history of Miami and beyond. The ultimate result of the project will be a digital archive of materials and stories focusing on the history of diverse populations at Miami. The project will coordinate ongoing initiatives with an ambitious new effort to collect digitally oral and archival stories of students, alumni, faculty, and staff of color at Miami University. Set in a rich historical context with other artifacts, narratives, and factual information, this broad storytelling project will offer a broadly inclusive and participatory approach to chronicling the history of racial dynamics at Miami University.

The presentation is free to watch online, but registration is required. Please reach out to Seth Seward, with questions. 

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