Miami Presents: Bourbon Tasting with Phil Kollin and Dr. Mike Crowder

Presented on: Friday, February 17th at 7:00 PM EST


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Join us virtually for Winter College – five days of lunchtime lectures capped off with culinary celebrations on Charter Day. All fun and no exams means this is the collegiate experience of your dreams.

Back by popular demand to help us celebrate Charter Day is Phil Kollin '00, Executive Bourbon Steward and host of Bourbon Adventures.  This year Phil will be joined by special guest Dr. Mike Crowder, Miami Professor and Dean of Graduate School and also an Executive Bourbon Steward!  Mike's Crowder Laboratory analyzes distilled spirits with a goal of developing a library of chemical fingerprints for authentication purposes (looking for imposter bourbons) and to map chemical content of bourbons with consumer preferences.

Between sips, Phil will share some of the fascinating history and colorful stories behind your favorite bourbon brands. Whether you're new to bourbon or a seasoned whiskey warrior, you'll certainly learn something new about America's Native Spirit during this presentation.

Additionally, Mike will talk about the research showing that there are thousands of chemical compounds in bourbon (most of which have not been identified!), and the relative concentrations of these chemicals determines the flavor and nosing profiles.   

Bourbons to be tasted:  (These should be in most liquor stores for purchase if you plan to sip along. It is recommended to have your favorite chocolate on hand as well.)  

  1. Woodford Reserve Bourbon
  2. Evan Williams Bottle-in-Bond (white label)
  3. Angel's Envy Bourbon

Peer reviewed publications for the Crowder Laboratory:

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