Miami Presents: Objects that Changed the World - Concrete with Steve Tuck

Presented on: Wednesday, March 10th at 12:00 PM EST

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Objects that Changed the World is a collaboration between the Miami University Humanities Center and the Alumni Association. Featuring Miami’s nationally recognized faculty in the humanities, each lecture is inspired by an object of such prevalence today it might be easily overlooked and develops original insights and novel lessons about the object in question. We invite all alumni to reconnect with faculty and to show their support for the Humanities Center’s mission to advocate for the central place of the humanities in both the university and wider society. If you are interested in financially supporting the Humanities Center and programs like these, please visit:

Concrete with Steve Tuck

Learn how the invention and exploitation of Roman concrete changed architecture forever. 

Roman concrete allowed architects to create the first spherical buildings in world history, change the way people thought about architecture, and create structures that altered the landscape. 

Concrete shifted us from a world of mostly small, square buildings to one of giant complexes full of stunning explorations of curved space.

Steve Tuck is Professor of Classics and has published widely on Roman art and archaeology. Professor Tuck has conducted archaeological fieldwork and research in Italy, Greece, England, and Egypt. He has directed more than a dozen study tours in Italy, concentrated on the city of Rome and the area around the Bay of Naples, including Pompeii, Herculaneum, and the Island of Capri. He has given more than 50 public lectures, including as a national lecturer for the Archaeological Institute of America. An esteemed teacher, Professor Tuck received the 2013 E. Phillips Knox Teaching Award, Miami University’s highest honor for innovative and effective undergraduate teaching

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