Miami Presents Alumni Weekend: A Spotlight on Miami University’s Western Program

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We are excited to bring all the tradition and excitement of Alumni Weekend – along with some new twists on old favorites – right to you! You don’t have to be on campus to experience all the Love and Honor with our full slate of virtual events. 

Please join us for an update on how Miami University's Western Program has remained dedicated to the development of students as independent thinkers through teaching the necessary skills to address complex challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Jacqueline Daugherty and Nicholas Money will discuss the current state of the Western Program, and how they continue to focus on interdisciplinary thinking and form a foundation for individualized and integrated study.


Jacqueline Daugherty, PhD, Educational Studies, University of Cincinnati, 2012, is a sociologist with interests in classical social and political theory, inequality, class/gender/sexuality/race, and the sharing economy. She is also the acting director of the Western Center for Social Impact and Innovation. Her current research investigates the structures of organizations and the experiences of people involved in The Sharing Economy. She earned an individualized, interdisciplinary undergraduate degree and started her career in nonprofit social services, before returning to the university. She graduated with her PhD from the University of Cincinnati. She is committed to ensuring her teaching and research explores complex social problems and solutions from interdisciplinary perspectives.

Nicholas Money, PhD, Biological Sciences, University of Exeter, UK, 1986, is Director of the Western Program and Professor of Biology. He is a fungal biologist and science writer. His most recent books are, The Rise of Yeast: How the Sugar Fungus Shaped Civilization (OUP, 2018), and The Selfish Ape: Human Nature and Our Path to Extinction (Reaktion, 2019). In addition to his scientific interests, he is a self-described expert on the poetry of John Milton.

He says: "My research and teaching are defined by my love of science and belief in its power to make sense of life, the universe, and everything else." His engagement in the Western Program has allowed him to explore his wider interests in the relationship between science and the arts.

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