Miami Presents: The Weight of Weight Stigma

Presented on: Tuesday, June 22nd at 12:00 PM EDT

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The Weight of Weight Stigma: How Weight Stigma Shapes Mental and Physical Health 

Although social attitudes towards stigmatized groups have generally improved over the past 40 years, this is not universally the case. Negative social attitudes, prejudice, and discrimination on the basis of weight -- that is, weight stigma -- have not seen such improvements. At the same time, the weight of the nation has increased and many have deemed this a crisis of “epidemic proportions." In this talk, Dr. Hunger dispels common myths about weight and health, and discusses how weight stigma can impact mental and physical health.

Dr. Jeffrey Hunger is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Miami University. As a social and health psychologist, his research uses insights from psychology to understand and ultimately improve the health of stigmatized groups (e.g., racial and sexual minorities, higher body weight individuals). Much of his research has focused on the health consequences of weight-based stigma and discrimination. You can read more about his work at or find him on Twitter @DrHunger.

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